Instarmac UltraCem Screed IT 20Kg

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Can be used internally and externally
Fibre reinforced
Rapid drying
Can accept light foot traffic after 12 hours
Can receive floor coverings after 24 hours
High strength
Suitable for use with underfloor heating



UltraCem is a fibre modified hydraulic binder which, when mixed with graded aggregates and water, can produce a rapid drying high strength screed ready to receive floor finishes such as ceramic/natural stone tiles, wood, lino, carpet etc. between 24hrs and 4 days. UltraCem can be used to form screeds that are bonded, unbonded or floating and suitable for use with underfloor heating.

• Can accept light foot traffic after 12 hours and receive floor coverings after 24 hours.
• For highly trafficked areas such as hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses and airports etc.
• Rapid reinstatement where early trafficking or overlay is required.
• Suitable for underfloor heating systems.
• Suitable for internal and external use.
• Compatible with thin cementitious systems such as UltraFloor levellers and thin resin coatings.
• Patching and repairing
• Suitable for use where BRE screed test category A or B is required.

Consumption varies depending on thickness of the screed and the dosage of UltraCem. For doses of 250 kg of UltraCem per m³ of aggregate consumption is 2.0 – 2.5 kg/m²/mm of thickness. Consumption rate is dependent on ratio, aggregate type/size and grading used.

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20Kg, Pallet of 48 x 20Kg



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