Mini QuickRelease Hybrid Screeding Tripods Box of 20

£380.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit


  • Threadless design for level setting
  • Quick Release/Fixing off
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Locking handle can be set to any position

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Mini QuickRelease Hybrid Screeding Tripods, the threadless quick release tripods save time, the patent pending quick release mechanism enables installers to improve on their layout time by more than 60% as we have removed the need to slowly wind the thread by hand.

The clamping handle can be operated and adjusted equally by both left and right handed installers, and adjustments can be made in large or small amounts with equal ease.

If the layout time is faster, you can be getting on with the actual application of the screed sooner, meaning you could cover more in a day with no extra effort.

Cleaning and repairs to the Mini QuickRelease Hybrid Screeding Tripods is also much easier, with minimal thread to get caked in product, the tripods will continue to work effectively for longer than a standard threaded tripod.

When the inevitable repairs and deep clean are needed though, we’ve got you covered. With a full accessory list you can replace any worn or lost parts, and we also offer a full clean down and refurbishment service to bring your tripods back to their fresh-out-of-the-box condition again.

Where space is at a premium, these mini tripods really come into their own – but they are still substantial enough to manage flooring depths in excess of 60mm.

Technical Details:

Legs – 5mm x 15mm, 100mm high

Shoulders – 70mm

Max level height: 70mm

Disc – 60mm diameter, 3mm thick


– Extra stability

– Extra weight where it matters with our chamfer on the internal radius of the shoulder

– Easy to store and carry with the external shoulder radius.

– Larger levelling discs to improve visibility when setting out

Technical Information