Resbuild Polyester Mortar

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• Fast curing even at low temperatures
• High strength development
• Easy and simple to use
• Non-critical mix ratio
• Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
• Negligible shrinkage
• Very good chemical resistance

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Resbuild Polyester Mortar is a versatile, rapid curing, high strength, two pack mortar suitable for many applications in building and civil engineering. The product consists of a low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin BASE component, and a FILLER component consisting of graded minerals and catalyst. Resbuild Polyester Mortar has a non-critical mix ratio, which allows the consistency to be varied from pourable to trowellable without adversely affecting curing times or strength.

For rapid repairs, bedding, jointing and profiling of concrete, masonry and brickwork. Repair of in-situ and pre-cast concrete. As an adhesive for bedding and fixing kerbs, brick slips, manhole sets, concrete slabs, etc.

Resbuild Polyester Mortar will have hardened sufficiently after 1 hour at 20°C or 2 hours at 10°C, to allow full trafficking or overcoating. Full mechanical and chemical resistant properties will be
achieved after 7 days @ 20°C.

Remove all laitance, spalled concrete, grease, oil, dust, and other contaminants by mechanical means e.g. scabbling or needle gunning, to provide a sound, clean
substrate. Any exposed reinforcing steel shall be fully exposed by cutting out around its full circumference, and cleaned by hand abrading or wire brushing to remove rust, scale, etc.

A 6kg pack yields 3.30 litres of mortar, sufficient for 0.66m² @ 5mm thickness.
Colour: Light grey
Density: 1.82kgdm³
Pot life @ 20°C: 15-25 Minutes
Compressive strength @ 20°C: 90 MPa at 3 hours, 100 MPa at 7 days
Tensile Strength @ 20°C: 18 MPa at 7 days
Flexural Strength @ 20°C: 32 MPa at 7 days
Adhesion to concrete: >4.1MPa(concrete failure)
Temperature range during application: 0°C to + 30°C
Temperature range during service: -10°C to + 60°C
Chemical resistance: Excellent resistance to water, dilute acids and alkalis, oil, petrol, and many inorganic salts.

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