RonaBond FC for Prison Cells 25Kg

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Per Unit


Application thickness from 1mm – 3mm
Gives a ‘harder than plaster’ finish
Covers minor blemishes
Improves carbonation resistance
Less than 60 minutes set time
Trowel applied
Apply prior to application of surface coating
Conforms to BS EN 1504-2

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RonaBond FC for Prison Cells Polymer modified, pre-packed fairing coat.

RonaBond FC for Prison Cells pre-packed fairing coat mortar which is applied as a skim coat for thicknesses up to 3mm ready to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired concrete surfaces. RonaBond FC for Prison Cells is used as a levelling mortar prior to the application of protective coatings and paints. It can also be used to give a “harder than plaster” finish to walls in, for example, prisons and detention centres. The material is supplied in preblended form which can be mixed by hand or machine in small lots.

Application is by trowel or brush. The surface should be sponge or tight trowelled for a smooth finish before dry. It is recommended that for aesthetics reasons only RonaBond FC  is covered with a protective and/or decorative coating.

Ensure that the surface of the concrete is clean and free from loose or friable materials. High pressure water jetting or shot blasting should be carried out to remove residues of old coatings or to key smooth surfaces. Concrete should be damp when RonaBond FC for Prison Cells is applied.

RonaBond FC  should be stored unopened between 5°C and 25°C in dry warehouse conditions and out of direct sunlight. In these conditions shelf life is approximately 6 months.

RonaBond FC pre-packed fairing coat mortar contains Portland cement; protective clothing such as goggles, overalls and gloves is recommended to prevent any effect from prolonged skin contact, inhalation or ingestion.

RonaBond FC can be used in most weather conditions and in a wide temperature range, typically from +3°C to 25°C and above. Note that at high ambient temperatures the working time of the mix will be reduced; it will be increased at lower temperatures. Ideally store materials between 10oC and 20oC before use.



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