Ronacrete Ronabond Easy Skim FC – 25Kg

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Ronacrete Ronabond Easy Skim.  Polymer modified, pre-packed fairing coat that is applied to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemishes and repaired concrete surfaces.

• Apply prior to application of surface coating
• 1mm – 3mm application thickness
• Fair-faced finish on walls and soffits
• Apply by trowel
• Covers minor blemishes

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Ronabond Easy Skim FC – Polymer modified, pre-packed fairing coat

Ronacrete Ronabond Easy Skim FC – Polymer modified, pre-packed fairing coat  mortar which is applied as a skim coat in thicknesses up to 3mm to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired concrete surfaces. RonaBond EasySkim FC is used as a levelling mortar prior to the application of protective coatings or paints. The material is supplied in pre-blended form.


Instructions for use:

Careful preparation of the substrate is required before application. The substrate must be clean, sound and free of dust, algae, laitance and deleterious material. Surfaces must be sufficiently stable, sound and strong to receive the RonaBond EasySkim FC. Surfaces should be repaired or made good as required. Fill large blemishes greater than 3mm deep using RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar or RonaBond HB40 to prevent them showing through the finished RonaBond EasySkim FC. Damp the prepared surface with clean water and remove any excess.


Mix using a slow speed drill fitted with a suitable paddle attachment or a forced  action mixer; do not use a free fall mixer. Pour approximately two thirds of the gauging liquid into the mixing vessel and gradually add the powder component. Mix for 2 minutes and add sufficient of the remaining gauging liquid to achieve the desired consistency. Mix for a further 1 minute.


RonaBond EasySkim FC can be used in most weather conditions and in a wide temperature range, typically from +3°C to 25°C and above. Note that at high ambient temperatures the working time of the mix will be reduced; it will be increased at lower temperatures. Do not attempt to apply at material, air or substrate temperatures above 25°C to avoid rapid drying of the surface.

Apply RonaBond EasySkim FC with a steel float ensuring total contact. . Trowel marks may be removed and light texture produced using a dry sponge. This must be carried out before the material hardens. Application in strong sunlight or windy conditions should be avoided but the use of a mist spray will prevent over-rapid drying if this is unavoidable.


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