RonaFloor SL – 20.5Kg (Various Colours)

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Self Smoothing Seamless Epoxy Resin Flooring System

  • Foot traffic after 20 hours
  • Full use of floor surface after 7 days
  • Good wear resistant properties
  • High strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Decorative

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Ronafloor SL – Self-smoothing seamless epoxy resin flooring system

Ronafloor SL – Self-smoothing seamless epoxy resin flooring system.  It combines good wear resistant properties with high chemical resistance and a smooth easy to clean gloss finish. RonaFloor SL floors are used in areas subject to foot and vehicle traffic in medium to heavy duty areas where decoration, durability and cleanliness are key requirements. RonaFloor SL can be applied to a wide variety of building substrates at 2mm – 4mm thick, is waterproof, dustproof and available in a range of colours. The use of A/S Aggregate sprinkled in to the top surface of the wet screed can improve the level of slip resistance.


Surface Preparation

To achieve maximum adhesion it is essential that RonaFloor SL is applied to a structurally sound, clean substrate. Remove all loose material from the surface and make good any structural defects (refer to Ronadeck or Monoset data sheet). The surface should be cleaned of grease, oil, dirt, laitance etc by chemical cleaning and/or light grit or shot blasting. It is good practice on such surfaces, new or old, to remove laitance. The surface should then be vacuumed to remove dust and debris.

Substrate Testing

The substrate must have a compressive strength not less than 25N/mm² and a direct tensile pull off strength greater than 1N/mm² after preparation. Substrate moisture content should not exceed 6% when tested with a Protimeter. The surface relative humidity should be less than 75% when measured with a hygrometer. Uneven surfaces should be levelled prior to the application of RonaFloor SL using an appropriate Ronacrete levelling screed eg. Ronascreed or Ronafix. Please consult the Ronacrete Technical Department for further information.


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Blue, Brick Red, Bright Green, Dark Grey, Golden Yellow, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Racing Green

Suitable for Substrates

Minimum Thickness: 2mm

Maximum Thickness: 4mm

Compressive Strength @ 28 days: 60 N/mm2

Walkable: 20 Hours

Finished Floor Laying After: N/A

Suitable for Substrates: Concrete / Screed



The Ronacrete group manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist materials for installation by expert contractors. For over 40 years, Ronacrete has been at the leading edge of product development and performance and across their six ranges, the company offer specialist solutions for a huge range of applications, from waterproofing and tanking to resin surfacing and specialist screed solutions.

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