Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ 11Kg

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Per Unit


  • Ideal for repairing, re-facing, filling and patching
  • Ideal for forming ramps
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Apply from 2mm – 50mm unfilled, 5mm – 80mm filled
  • Moisture tolerant – can be used below a DPM
  • Rapid drying – apply finished flooring after 90 minutes
  • Slump free, ideal for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Simply mix with water
  •  Protein free

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Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ is a rapid drying, fast setting mortar for internal and external repairs. Rapid Repair Mortar+ is designed for repairing, re-facing, filling and patching floors and walls. Rapid Repair Mortar+ is suitable for use on concrete, sand & cement screeds, render, stair treads/risers, walls, ceilings, soffits and for making good around pipe
work. It is suitable for forming ramps up to 50mm thick without adding additional aggregate and also for forming coves. Rapid Repair Mortar+ can be used between 2mm – 50mm unfilled and
when mixed with aggregate can be used for deep filling of up to 80mm. The rapid setting properties of the product means that the mortar reaches initial set after 15 – 20 minutes and is set sufficiently to walk on after just 30 minutes. Resilient floor coverings can be fitted after 90 minutes regardless of the application thickness, when used at 23ºC. Rapid Repair Mortar+ is moisture tolerant making it suitable for repairing substrates prior to the installation of Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM, as well as applications in wet areas and external installations.

In ideal conditions, Rapid Repair Mortar+ will be set to walk on after 30 minutes. The mortar can be covered with a smoothing compound or the finished floor covering after 90 minutes depending on the application substrate and ambient conditions/temperatures – set times will be slowed by lower temperatures and accelerated by higher temperatures. The critical moisture content for the flooring in question must be observed.

Standard Mix (unfilled):

A 11kg bag of Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ requires 1.9 – 2.2 litres of water. Add the pre-measured water to a clean bucket and slowly add the powder whilst mixing with an electric paddle. Mix until a smooth and lump free consistency is obtained. Do not add further water once mixed. Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ should not be applied greater than a 50mm depth.

Filled Mix:

Add 3mm – 5mm aggregate to the Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ powder at a ratio of 1 to 1; e.g. 11kg Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ to 11kg of aggregate. The combined 22kg of powder and aggregate requires approximately 1.9 – 2.2 litres of water – the amount of water required may vary slightly depending on the aggregate used. Add the pre-measured water to a clean bucket and slowly add the combined powder and aggregate whilst mixing with an electric paddle. Mix until a smooth and lump free consistency is obtained. Do not add further water once mixed. The filled mix is suitable for depths of 5mm – 80mm. Once mixed, Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+ will remain workable in the bucket for 10 – 15 minutes at 23°C. Due to the ultra-rapid setting
properties of Tilemaster Rapid Repair Mortar+, it is important to apply the mixed product without delay. Trowel the mortar onto the prepared surface and spread to the required thickness using a steel trowel. The mortar can be applied slightly proud and any excess can be removed after 15 – 20 minutes. For a smoother finish, the mortar can be improved by wetting and smoothing the surface before the mortar has fully set, typically after 15 – 20 minutes. When applying the Filled Mix and to improve the surface finish, we recommend applying the mortar slightly below the required level and allow to set. Once the initial coat has hardened, another thin coat of unfilled mortar or smoothing compound can be applied if necessary to improve the surface finish. Rapid Repair Mortar+ cannot be used as a final wearing surface and a suitable covering/coating is required.

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