Flowcrete Isocrete M Bond Extra

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  • Thickness: Inclusion of M-Bond or M-Bond Extra makes thinner screeds possible.
  • Resistant: Resistant to impact damage and surface wear.
  • Low Odour: A solvent free formulations that exhibits low odour during application.
  • Water Resistant: Can be used to provide a full DPM between the concrete and the screed.


Flowcrete Isocrete M Bond Extra, A 2 pack, solvent free epoxy resin bonding agent for concrete or screeds. Isocrete M-Bond is a single coat bonding agent. Isocrete M-Bond Extra is a 2 coat application to provide a damp proof membrane as well as a bonder. Isocrete M-Bond is used as bonding agent for semi-dry screeds. As for Isocrete M-Bond Extra is ideal for use in shower areas where screeds are laid to falls incorporating a damp proof membrane.

Used for bonding and damp proofing concrete, cementitious screeds and polymer modified cementitious screeds to concrete, particularly Isocrete K-Screed, Isocrete Fast K-Screed, Isocrete Screedfast and
Isocrete Isogran.

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6Kg Unit Black, 12kg Unit Black


Flowcrete / Isocrete

Flowcrete has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology for over 30 years. Isocrete has been one of the most respected brands in floor screeding materials since the 1960s and was acquired by the Flowcrete Group in the 1990s. Today the group is one of the most respected flooring materials suppliers worldwide, with a huge range of screeds and coatings.
Isocrete Primer - acrylic emulsion

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