ISOEdge Strip – 6mm Acoustic Foam Strip

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Acoustic Foam Strip with Self – Adhesive Backing Designed to Reduce Flanking Sound Transmission.



Isoedge – Acoustic foam strips

Isoedge – Acoustic foam strips with a self-adhesive backing. Acoustic insulating foam designed to reduce flanking sound transmission when used with the IsoSonic range of floor and ceiling systems and in Robust Detail approved constructions.


IsoEdge 6/260 is appropriate for:

  • Isolation Strip for screeds for use in Robust Details E-FC-4, E-FC-12, and E-FC14.
  • Also suitable for use in non-Robust Detail applications.

IsoEdge 6/75 is appropriate for:

  • Isolation Strip for IsoSonic Platform Floor
  • Isolation Strip for IsoSonic Batten 70
  • Isolation Strip for IsoSonic Batten 45
  • Isolation Strip for IsoSonic Cradles

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6mm x 260mm x 50m Roll, 6mm x 75mm x 50m Roll


Thermal Economics

Thermal Economics have been providing Thermal and Acoustic insulation materials and systems for over 30 years. Their products are designed to provide cost effective solutions that meet or exceed building regulation requirements. The Isorubber range, in particular, has become one of the best known acoustic materials on the UK market.

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