Mapei Adesilex VS45

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Water Dispersion Adhesive For PVC Wall Covings.

  • Non flammable
  • No toxic substances
  • Thixotropic
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Final setting time of 24 hours

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Mapei Adesilex VS45 – Acrylic Adhesive For P V C Wall Coverings

Mapei Adesilex VS45 – Acrylic Adhesive For P V C Wall Coverings. Adesilex V S 45 is an acrylic adhesive in water dispersion for application in a single coating in an easily trowellable white paste. Adesilex V S 45 is not inflammable and contains no toxic substances; it can therefore be stored with no special precautions and presents no health hazards during use. Adesilex V S 45 is a thixotropic paste which ensures such high initial grab when wet that even heavy wall coverings remain perfectly in place; its viscosity makes it easily trowellable. Initial waiting time varies from 0 to 10 – 15 minutes at + 23°C. Maximum open time is approx. 30 – 40 minutes at + 23°C. Once it has dried, in 24 hours, the Adesilex V S 45 film is flexible, with extremely high cohesion and adhesion.

Mapei Adesilex VS45 Uses

Interior installations of P V C and P V C foam wall coverings. Adesilex V S 45 is used for installing:

• P V C foam wall coverings.
• Homogeneous and composition P V C wall coverings.
• P V C foam with polyester back.
• Polystyrene foam.
• Cork wall covering with P V C back.
• High density rock – wool.
• Over all normal absorbent and moisture stable substrates used in construction.

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