Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS 15Kg

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Per Unit


  • Pressure Sensitive – Ideal For Design Flooring And Intricate Designs
  • Short Open Time
  • Install Into After 10 Minutes
  • Excellent Initial Grab
  • High Bond Strength
  • Solvent Free

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Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is a pressure sensitive, solvent free flooring adhesive suitable for the installation of LVT floor coverings, specifically for design floors or where intricate designs are being installed. Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS has been specially developed to provide a short open time and high bond strength.

Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is a pressure sensitive adhesive, making it ideal for use onto substrates that are having LVT floor coverings installed. The short open time of Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS gives high initial grab when installing design floors, or intricate designs that demand a higher level of detail and in turn an excellent final bond strength.

Formulated to give a fast tacking off time, Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS can be installed into in as little as 10 – 20 minutes.

Tilemaster Eco-3000 PS is suitable for use onto substrates such as concrete, sand / cement and calcium sulphate screeds that have been smoothed with a suitable smoothing compound and timber substrates overlaid with flooring grade plywood.


Substrates should be constructed and prepared to British Standard BS8203 guidelines. Before starting, all substrates must be clean, dry and of sound construction. Remove all dust, dirt, oil, grease and any other contaminants that may affect adhesion.


On a flat, even substrate where dry conditions exist, trowel out the adhesive with either an A1 or A2 trowel. Trowel choice is dependent on sub floor flatness and type of
floor covering to be installed. Place the floor covering into the adhesive, ensuring that a good transfer of adhesive is achieved between the floor covering and the substrate, particularly when installing LVT floor finishes. This is generally after 10 – 20 minutes in ideal conditions. Using a suitable roller, roll the floor covering evenly and consistently to ensure full contact is made between the adhesive and the floor covering and that any trowel marks from beneath are smoothed over and do not remain. Ensure that floor coverings are placed within 2 hours of Eco-3000 PS being applied to the substrate. When installing sheet material, install in such a way that air is not caught beneath the floor covering and smooth over from the centre outwards.
Ensure that the floor covering manufacturer’s guidelines and laying instructions are followed and adhered to wherever relevant. Allow the adhesive to cure before applying loads to the surface such as furniture.

This time is usually 24 hours after completion of installation. Welding of floor coverings must also be done once the adhesive has fully cured, again, approximately 24 hours
after installation. Clean surplus adhesive from the surface and joints of the floor covering as soon as possible with clean water as cured adhesive will prove very difficult to remove later.
The information in this document is given voluntarily and in good faith. It is to the best of Tilemaster Adhesives knowledge true and accurate; however it may contain information which is inappropriate under certain conditions of use. The company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage due to inappropriate use, or the possibility of variations of working conditions and of workmanship outside of the company’s control.

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