Parex Paraguard AG - 25L

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Water Based Clear Coating Which Creates the Lotus Leaf Effect on a Wide Variety of Substrates. One Treatment Can Last Up To 10 Years.

  • Ready to use
  • Low impact on the environment



Parex Paraguard AG – Water Resistant Coating

Parex Paraguard AG – Water Resistant Coating. It is water based, and provides a weatherproof, lotus leaf effect, water resistant surface to a range of render, masonry and timber substrates. Paraguard AG is safe to the environment and to those using it. The product may be applied by brush, lambswool roller or airless spray gun to achieve a non-staining, clear, natural coating which is easily cleaned. The product is repellent to the following; water, dirt, oil, grease, graffiti, atmospheric pollutants and vehicle fumes. Paraguard AG is pre-packaged and ready for on-site use. The product is non sacrificial, so once cleaned, will not need to be re-coated. Aesthetically, the exterior remains cleaner as dirt merely runs off the surface whenever water hits the facade. Parguard AG finish is specially formulated with exceptional hydrophobic properties. Buildings specified with Parauguard AG finish are cleaned time and time again with natural rain water. As water hits the surface, it simply beads off the exterior and takes any dirt, grime or soil in its path with it. Imagine the reduced maintenance costs Parauguard AG can provide. The hydrophobic qualities also make the surface more resistant to mould, algae and mildew. Overall, buildings will remain clean, dry and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.


Using Parex Paraguard AG – Water Resistant Coating:

Preparation: All contact surfaces must be sound, clean and dry. Remove all loose material, paint, plaster and oily deposits.

Mixing: Product is ready to use. However, if the product is stored for a long period of time, it may need to be stirred or shaken.

Placing: Must be applied at temperatures between 5°C and 45°C. For application temperatures outside this range, contact the Technical Service department.

Curing: Typical curing times at 20°C
Touch dry: 1-2 Hours (Depending on the substrate and temperature)
Dry: 6 Hours
Overcoat: Wet on wet (30 mins)
Foot traffic: 24 hours
Heavy traffic: 2 days


Application of Parex Paraguard AG – Water Resistant Coating:

Application for Anti-Graffiti – to be applied by a wet on wet application, one flood coat must be applied to
the surface. Avoid streaking of the product.

Application for Water Repellency – to be applied to the surface in one flood coat application, ensuring all areasare fully coated. Make sure that applications commence from the bottom of the work area and continue vertically up the substrate, working well into the surface. For surfaces that are located near the coast, situated in highly exposed locations or where the wind driven index ratings are ‘Severe’ or Very Severe’ apply a second flood coat as a wet on wet application or to a dry first coat application. Avoid streaking of the product.

Application for Pavements and Walkways – to be applied to the surface in 1 – 2 flood coats, depending on the porosity of the surface. Make sure that you work from one side to the other to ensure an even coverage is provided throughout. Any excess on the surface can be washed away.

Cleaning of Graffiti – Graffiti and oil stains are to be removed using PARAGUARD AG REMOVER, to be applied to the surface and left for 5 mins before a hot pressured jet wash or steam cleaner is used (min 1500 psi, min 80°C), please make sure that there is a constant pressure on the given area. Please note that some forms of graffiti may require more than one application of Paraguard AG Remover to remove any residue.


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