Palace Chemicals One Coat DPM 5Kg

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Can receive smoothing compounds in under 5 hours

Fast Curing

For use on cementitious substrates with relative humidity of up to 98%

Is fully cured within 8-11 hours

Can be used to seal seams & cracks in damaged floors

Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems

Can be used where no structural DPM is present (2 coats required)

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Palace Chemicals One Coat DPM can be laid over a wide range of substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, anhydrite and calcium sulphate screeds.1 Coat DPM is ideal for use as a damp proof membrane where the residual moisture content in a new or existing screed is up to 98% relative humidity (RH). 1 Coat DPM can also be used to protect screeds laid on damp floors where no pre-existing damp proof membrane is in place or where the structural damp proof membrane is ineffective. Once cured, 1 Coat DPM produces a membrane which can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 98%RH on cement-based screeds & still demonstrate bond strength issues. Palace Chemicals One Coat DPM has good resistance to water, grease, oil, dilute mineral and organic acids.

Under ambient conditions, 1 Coat DPM is ready to receive a smoothing compound as soon as 4 – 5 hours after application. If the applied DPM is still very tacky, this
indicates that the DPM has not fully cured and additional curing time should be allowed before covering with a levelling screed.

Approximately 2-2.5m²/kg depending on application and substrate conditions to give a finished thickness of approximately 250-300 microns.
NOTE: It is essential that the applied 1 Coat DPM achieves a 100% continuous film free from pinholes, or gaps, which can occur on porous screeds for example, in this case an additional application, may be necessary.

Movement Joints: Any joints in the floor such as movement joints, must not be bridged using 1 Coat DPM since they will require treatment using a flexible impervious jointing system and be carried through to the floor finish.

Keep this pack sealed and in temperatures between +5°C and 30°C. Always ensure good stock rotation. Storage life will be 6 months under normal warehouse conditions. Product available
in 5kg ‘Dual-Chamber’ Buckets.


Palace Chemicals

Palace Chemicals

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