IsoRubber Profile 17/8mm x 1.25m x 8m

£345.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit


Product Benefits:

  • Excellent impact sound reduction.
  • Comparatively low dynamic stiffness.
  • High recycled content.
  • Continues to perform for the lifetime of the building

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IsoRubber Profile 17/8mm x 1.25m x 8m is a dense, rubber composite, impact sound and vibration isolator or cushioning underlay with a dimpled profile on one side.

Colour: Black

Surface: Granular texture with a profile on one side.


Acoustic insulating underlay for use beneath screeds in concrete floor construction or
other applications where a high performance level or vibration isolation is required.

High Performance Impact Sound Reduction

The 3D shaped underside of Isorubber Profile has been specifically designed to provide excellent impact sound reduction. When used beneath a screed it can provide excellent sound test results. It is ideally suited to projects that require higher than usual impact sound reduction.

Vibration Isolation and Structural Protection

IsoRubber Profile 17/8mm x 1.25m x 8m can be used below concrete slabs to provide vibration isolation, it is available in various thicknesses and can be used in multiple layers to suit the specific frequency or load that needs to be isolated. Suitable for use under compression stress of 0.005N/mm2 < σmax < 0.050N/mm2

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Thermal Economics

Thermal Economics have been providing Thermal and Acoustic insulation materials and systems for over 30 years. Their products are designed to provide cost effective solutions that meet or exceed building regulation requirements. The Isorubber range, in particular, has become one of the best known acoustic materials on the UK market.

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