Ardex E100 Additive – 5Kg

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Additive to Improve Screeding, Rendering, and Repair Mortars, and for Bonding or Slurry Grouts.

  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Improves the elasticity and the compressive and tensile strengths of the modified mortar
  • Improves the workability and plastic properties of the mortar without increasing the water content
  • Reduces early age crack formation and surface dusting of screeds
  • Increases abrasion resistance


Ardex E100 – Additive to Improve Screeding, Rendering & Repair Mortars

Ardex E100 – Additive to Improve Screeding, Rendering & Repair Mortars is an acrylic-based dispersion.  For use in screeding and rendering mortars in internal and external locations. The addition of Ardex E 100 improves the compressive and tensile strengths, elasticity and bond strength of the modified mortar.  The workability and plastic properties of the mortar are improved without increasing the water/cement ratio.  Early age crack formation is significantly reduced.  Ardex E 100 is also designed for use in the bonding slurry/grout mortar mixture for Ardex A38 Rapid Hardening and Drying Cement for Floor Screeds.

Ardex E100 Uses

Used in bonding grouts or slurry coats, for the adhesion of bonded screeds in mortars based on ordinary Portland cements, masonry cement, cement/lime and bonded renders, to cementitious backgrounds.  Also can be used as an additive, view the technical datasheet for more information.

  • Improve workability without increasing the water content of mortars.
  • Increase the compressive and tensile bending strengths of the hardened mortars.
  • Improve the elasticity and reduce crack formation in mortars.
  • Reduce surface dusting of screeds and renders while increasing their abrasion resistance
  • Enable the minimum thickness of the modified bonded Portland cement floor screed to be reduced to 15mm from the recommended 25mm minimum thickness for unmodified screed mortars.

NOTE: the requirements for the drying of concrete backgrounds prior to the application of finishes to ensure that most of the concrete drying shrinkage has occurred


When the cement and sand mortar is modified with the addition of ARDEX E 100, this should be applied in the normal way onto a prepared substrate with the bonding slurry/grout.


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