Remmers Epoxy BS2000 -10Kg (various colours)

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Pigmented, Water Emulsifiable Epoxy Resin For Versatile Use.

  • Water vapour diffusion-open
  • Resistant to alternating frost/thaw cycles
  • Low odour
  • Silk matt

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Remmers Epoxy BS2000 – Pigmented, water emulsifiable epoxy resin

Remmers Epoxy BS2000 – Pigmented, water emulsifiable epoxy resin for versatile use. Epoxy BS 2000 New is a pigmented, 2-component, water emulsifiable, epoxy resin primer:

  • Silk matt
  • Low odour
  • Water vapour diffusion-open
  • Resistant to alternating frost/thaw cycles


Remmers Epoxy BS 2000 New is used as a primer or adhesion promoter in the Remmers Water Vapour Diffusion-Open System:

Application examples:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Parking garages

The substrate must be loadbearing, dimensionally stable, sound, free of loose constituents, dust, oil, grease, rubber tyre marks and other substances that could interfere with adhesion. Tensile strength of the surface of the substrate must be 1.5 N/mm² on average and compressive strength at least 25 N/mm².  The substrate should have sufficiently reacted and be loadbearing:  Concrete max. 6 % by mass Cement screed max. 6% by mass

In the case of anhydrite and magnesite screeds, it is essential that the penetration of moisture from building elements or the ground is ruled out. Examine ceramic covers, old coatings, levelling compounds and interior poured asphalt (AS IC 10) for coating suitability. If necessary, set up trial areas. The substrate should be prepared by suitable measures, e.g. steel shot blasting or a diamond grinder so that it meets specifications. Fill broken out or missing areas in the substrate with the Remmers PCC System or Remmers EP Mortars flush with the surface.


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Pebble Grey, Silver Grey, Light Grey, Basalt Grey, Stone Grey



For more than 65 years, Remmers has been a successful, medium-size, independent family owned company. Their UK based empire was established in 1989, with the Head Office and Technical Training Centre opening in 2006. They are the leader in the manufacture of synthetic products for the building industry and the wood finishing industry. Their company culture is one of active innovation, providing products to exceed all customer expectations, and are committed to the sustainability of the environment.
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